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Friday, 13 July 2012

I want to join Bangsar Babe Blog Giveaway 2012!!!

Ever heard of Bangsar Babe?

Well I like reading  Bangsar babe  blog and I have been following her blog for quite sometime ever since I knew about her.
She is like a super hot babe that eats alot .. when I say ALOT I mean seriously its like OMG. Ok la but horrrrr..........................
I mean its like how often do you actually know any girl who can eat so much and can maintain a super hot skinny babe body??? YUP she is one of them and not to mention she is PRETTY TOO!
Refer to picture below =p
This is like every girl's dream body!!! 
Also can you believe that Bangsar Babe actually Won the Las Vacas Steak Challenge 2012! 
FIRST PRIZE WINNER, one of the female challenger that could won against many male participants in the challenge!  1.94 kg of BEEF OMGGGGGGGGGG, I cannot wehhh.

(Taken from
Awesome Right? Now you could see why I enjoy her blog so much!
Its like you get to explore new food and at the same time it inspire you that nothing is impossible!
Bangsar babe!!! I love your food blog very much! Keep up the good work!

Anyways  back to my post title! Recently in Bangsar Babe Blog, she has decided to do a big giveaway!
For 5 MONTHS! This blog giveaway is to celebrate her 5th anniversary for her blog which is!!!!
Throughout this 5 months, there will be lots of prizes to be won such as F&B vouchers,cash vouchers, Puma   products, and Hotel stays!
Jeng jeng look at the sponsors that are sponsoring the prizes!

Prizes given out during this giveaway are more worth than RM15 000!

In order to win, you just need to follow these simple steps:


Be a fan of Bangsar Babe Facebook page


Take a picture of your FAVOURITE FOOD with Bangsar Babe website and post it on Bangsar Babe Facebook page.


Take a picture of YOURSELF & your FAVOURITE FOOD with  Bangsar Babe website and post it on Bangsar Babe Facebook page


Insert a short DESCRIPTION of your favourite food and where you like to eat it!


Get your friends to LIKE your picture, and the picture with the highest number of "Likes" will win the grand prize.

Its so simple right?

so without hesitation!
I have decided to join and try to win the giveaway! 
I mean look at those awesome prizes!
They are so Pampering!

So here's My Entry!
As it follows, 
I became a fan on Bangsar Babe Facebook page

So Next..
I went and prepare myself on a journey to take a picture of my favourite FOOD!

My Favourite Food of all times!
Soft shell Crab Don and  Pari Pari Kani Salada from Sushi Zanmai!

Voila! Picture taken and its perfect!

So this is my picture and my submission for the Bangsar babe Blog Giveaway Contest!
The only last step to do now is to submit this entry on 
Bangsar Babe Facebook page

Wish me Luck!
Dont forget to vote for me!!


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