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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Busy Busy Period

Sorry I know I suppose to be updating post and write more. I have been really busy lately. This is my 2nd last semester of college, I guess I have to buck up ! Assignments been piling up but thank god 70% is done, now I just have to submit a report every week but the questions does take a lot of my time and head to crack it and right after my assignments, exams are coming. Oh gosh. Can't take a break, can I ?
Oh yes, I like listening to music when I do my stuff especially 80s love music. <3
Its so relaxing and calm. Sometimes listening to it gives me this thought why am I not born in the 60s and enjoy my tween years in the 80s but I guess there is pro and cons.
Alright I need to go now to finish up my report!

Here, this is one of my favourite songs! Hope you like it.
Foolish hearts by Steve Perry


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