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Saturday, 1 December 2012

Manhattan Fish Market's 10th Anniversary Celebration

Manhattan Fish Market held their 10th Anniversary celebration with their fans at the Pavilion outlet on the 29th of October 2012. The celebration was a blast and Manhattan Fish Market also takes this opportunity to pampered their die hard fans with its newly launched menu with new image as well as their New Scrumptious hot dishes! After knowing they had just launched the new menu, I was eager and curious to know what dishes are gonna be introduced that day.

Manhattan Fish Market had all its staff to dressed up to add in more mood with the celebration. 

 A photo station was prepared for the guest where all their photos were taken by a professional photographer and it will be printed out and given to the guest as a souvenir.
That's really thoughtful of them ^^

(hehe here's an example)

Delicious finger food before the party begins.
Yum.. Yum..

 Jeremy Teo and Mynn Lee from were our Mc that night

A welcome speech from Brand Ceo, Mr Davy Wee

Tadaaa... The one that we

A "grand" entree for our starters with torches.
The burnt creme leaves a really sweet aroma to the taste with the prawn.

Garden salad with Crispy White Bait served with Potato Salad.
The crisp and crunchy along with the fresh greens are just right when you eat it together.

Cream of Mushroom with Fried Fresh Kin

 The Main Dish
Grilled Cod Fish

Also during the party, Manhattan Fish Market has prepared a little surprise for November Babies.
Now I wish my birthday was in November T.T
Fans who are born in November were so lucky because Manhattan Fish Market has prepared a cake for them and a small birthday gift to celebrate their big day together with the MFM 10th Anniversary!


We ended the meal with a Citrus Sundae. The dessert was too sour for my taste bud so for those of you who enjoy sourish dessert, you might like this.

So there you have it, Manhattan Fish Market's 10th Anniversary Celebration was a success, and many of Manhattan Fish Market fans went home with a big smile on their face .

To check out their new menu.
Please visit here
Also for more updates and details.
Please visit their Facebook fanpage.


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