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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Facebook 2012

Decided to make  a blog post today since today is 12.12.2012
My 12.12.2012
I did nothing special today.
Was lazing around at home and cleaning up my room.

Also, I came across this interesting application today.
The facebook 2012 review application.

Basically when you use this application
It shows you a timeline of your facebook since January 2012 all the way till today.

Check out my 2012 review!

I think I have achieved lots of things in 2012 compare to my previous years.

I won the bangsarbabe giveaway 2012 =)

I won invites to the Greatest Party that of the year =)
It was Awesome!

I participated in the Maybank-Moneytree Young Entrepreneur Challenge and got into the Finals =)

Party hard with friends =)
Won tickets to see JLo but I sold it in the end because it was towards my Final exam.

 Won V.I.P tickets to see Train in June 2012

 Got myself a new laptop!

Won myself some freebies from Seventeen Magazine

 Won myself  a Pair of Hello Kitty Phone and met my two favourite Bloggers Audrey and Cheesie!

Met Megan tan from 8tv for the first time and we had a pampering session together!
(Won a giveaway from Blackberry)

 Best of all
I have completed my degree!
It took a lot hard work and tears to do so T.T
I am glad that I don't have to sit for exams and complete assignments anymore!

This is how I spent my 2012, and it surely was Awesome!
How was your 2012?
Comment below ^^
I am curious to know!

Click here to see your facebook 2012 review !


Isaac Tan said...

what a happening life ya :) .. waves!

Anonymous said... won urself so many prizes! 2 handphones in a year! CONGRATS and Happy Graduation ;-)

Anonymous said...'ve won urself so many prizes! 2 handphones in a year.
CONGRATS & Happy graduating ;-)

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