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Sunday, 2 December 2012

Samsung Galaxy Y Hello Kitty Limited Edition BFF Launch Party @ Pavilion KL, Malaysia

Ding dong ding dong!!! 
I am sure all of you ...
Erm maybe not all of you..
definitely for
 girls who love 

Thats right its HELLO KITTY!!
Good news for Malaysian Hello Kitty Fans
Samsung has just launched its Samsung GALAXY Y Hello Kitty Limited Edition 
on the 1st Dec 2012.

Now you can have a Hello Kitty Phone and its Android !

Lucky me, I was one of the first few to be able to join the Samsung Galaxy Y Hello Kitty Limited Edition BFF Launch Party!

The party theme was "Celebrating BFFs" (Best Friends Forever)
 Each of the invitees was allowed to bring a plus one which is their BFF to witness the launching of the Samsung Galaxy Y Hello Kitty Limited Edition Phone and also to 
celebrate their friendship in this Party together on that very particular day!

 Being a hello kitty fan, I dolled up myself as Hello Kitty to attend the launch party also there was a "Best Dressed Competition" for everyone at the event where those who dressed the best Hello Kitty Inspired Clothing !
The winners for this competition will walk away with the Samsung Galaxy Y Hello Kitty Phone.
After knowing that, I did put in a little effort to tried to look as close as Hello Kitty

I drew myself some whiskers that is similar to Hello Kitty and yes I dotted my nose with a yellow gel liner. My brother saw that and he say it looks disgusting like as if I have a pointy big yellowish pimple on my nose.

The party was held at GSC, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.

Upon arrival, I am really impressed by this balloon decoration on the bridge crossing to GSC Hall.
Its a Freaking huge HELLO KITTY'S HEAD =P
If can, I really want to bring it back home with me . LOLZ

Outfit of the day =)

Registration counter

First thing when I walked in to the hall, I was eager to check out the phone!
Run towards the booth*

First Impression: 
The Samsung Galaxy Y Hello Kitty is so CUTE! 
The size is just right to fit on my palms and also its fully decorated with hello kitty inside out where this limited edition galaxy Y hello kitty, comes with a customized Hello Kitty ringtone and wallpaper.
Btw, it is selling at RM 419 only!

To check out where you can buy the limited edition galaxy Y hello kitty phone in  Malaysia,
Please check out HERE

Our beautiful MC for the day, JoJo Struys. I like her dress and it looks really good on her!

"Designed especially for young consumers, the GALAXY Y Hello Kitty Limited Edition device is slated to bring friends closer together as they revel in the exclusivity of limited edition device"

"Naturally, best friends share the same interests; they share the same passions; and now with them carrying the same device, the GALAXY Y Hello Kitty Limited Edition will bring these BFFs closer than before"
A opening speech by Mr. Vincent Chong, Head of Mobile Phone Division, Samsung Malaysia Electronics Sdn Bhd.

Also for the highlight of the party as it was themed "BFF".
They have prepare quite a number of fun activities for the guest where
they can get a makeover/hairdo
airbrush tattoo.

getting my hair done <3

Spotted Audrey Ooi from

*Fan girl moment*
(Audrey ooi and Cheesie are my all time favorite bloggers but Audrey is on my Top 1 because I like her writing style. Most of her blog post are really entertaining and she really knows how to make a person laugh their ass off just based on her writing. )

When I was having my manicure, I turned right and saw HER.  
At that moment, I really wanted my nails to dried up quickly and so that I ask for a picture with her! 
Just can't stop looking at her.
(I sound like a stalker now WTF)

The last time I met Audrey ooi was at a nuffnang event and I was too shy to ask to take a photo with her, and I regretted T.T So this time, without hesitation, I took up my courage to talk to her and ask ^^

Turns out, she is really really like super nice!!! 
Was extremely starstruck at the moment till I kinda look the other direction instead of the camera. Didn't notice this until I check the photos out in my computer.
this is the only picture I have with her. 

Cheesie and Audrey was there at the party as the judges for the best dress competition.
Towards the ending of the event, Jojo Struys announced that Audrey and Cheesie had picked their 10 finalist of the "Best Dressed" of the day.

(The Top 10 finalist)

Finally, the five winners announced, each winner were rewarded with A PAIR of Samsung Galaxy Y Hello Kitty limited edition smartphones to share with their BFF <3

Oh yes, I am one of the five winners! 
I feel extremely happy that I got chosen!
Thank you so much Audrey and Cheesie!
(Oh yes, thats my BFF =P)

After they announced the winner of the best dressed competition, Samsung has prepared a fashion show to hype up the crowd. I didn't manage to take the pictures cause I was in the toilet  T.T
By the time, I finish loo-ing , the stage was surrounded by the crowd, so I could not get a good spot to take pictures. 

Picture with the Judges
(She posted this on instagram and her blog <3)
Follow Audrey's Instagram HERE

The party ended and for those lucky participants who hold exclusive passes to the event get to enjoyed a Special 3D screening of the animated fantasy adventure film, Rise of the Guardian.

They even prepared a hello kitty popcorn box! So cute!! I even brought the box home after the movie!

Special thanks to Samsung Mobile Malaysia and Don for the passes.

Also I would like to thank my BFF
Hello Meow Meow =p

He has been really caring and helpful in the event. 
(the guy behind the scene, taking pictures and driving me there)
Thank you baby!
Be happy ok? You got a hello kitty phone to use now . LOL

Gonna stop here for now.
Need to study for my finals which is coming up in a week.

Oh yes, for those of you who wish to purchase the Samsung Galaxy Y Hello Kitty Phone, Samsung is now is running a contest where You could win yourself and THREE of your BFFs a VIP trip to Sanrio Hello Kitty Town! Also up for grabs are merchandises worth RM 500 and 2 Samsung Galaxy Y Hello Kitty Limited Edition smartphones! Click HERE for more info on the contest.

For more information on the new Samsung GALAXY Y Hello Kitty Limited Edition,
Please visit
or visit Samsung Mobile Malaysia Facebook page


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LOL u made your bf Hello Kitty... hahahahahahaha!! somemore post it here, later he cry. XD

Michelle Chow said...

haha I think he is going to kill me when he see this. :X

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