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Friday, 4 January 2013

Dim sum @ Restaurant Maju palace.

Found a new place for Dim Sum which is Restaurant Oriental Maju Palace located at the 5th Floor of Maju Junction Mall, Jalan Sultan Ismail.

Just realized that most of the food voucher that I got from Bangsar Babe Giveaway is well worth! 
So far, the voucher that we spent on the food , they taste AWESOME!

 Feel so lucky that to have them which also gives me the opportunity to try new food and places!

Life is good!

Total Value of Cash Voucher for Maju Palace

 Restaurant Oriental Maju Palace is one of the few restaurants owned by Oriental Group of Restaurants, they are very similar to Oversea Restaurants where they served as a high end chinese cuisines but the difference is that Maju Palace cuisines are PORK-FREE.

We were really excited to see what they have in their menu since it is our first time there to try their Dim Sum.

A sneak peak at the menu.

Judging from the prices here,  the RM160 cash voucher can be used up easily.

As usual, we would start off by ordering a pot of Chinese Tea.

Hmm.. the tea taste like tea? LOL

An overview of the food that we ordered. 

The portion may look small but trust me, by the time I reach for the 4th plate, I was crying for help. 

 Top: Pan-Fried Radish Cake  
Bottom: Crispy Fried Mango Roll

 Deep-Fried Squid Ball with Cheese
It taste normal, nothing special.

Deep-Fried  Soft Shell Crab in Money Bag
*Must Try*

Stuffed Fish Paste with Fish Maw in Crabmeat & Crabroe

If you like fishball, you will be fond of this dim sum as the soupy sauce plus the fish paste makes a good combination together.

 Loh Mai Kai

Just a normal Loh Mai Kai.

 BBQ Meat Bun

Surprisingly, this pork-free char siew bun taste not bad without pork.
What I love about char-siew bun is that, pork would usually give a really sweet and chewable texture when you eat it , this pork-free bun give the same results as the real pork bun.

 Double-Boiled Shark's Bone Soup with Japanese Scallop in Melon Ring

Not really fond of this, I find it quite salty.

Forgot what this is call.
Crab shell with cheese?

Was too full to eat this.
So I push it all to boyfie .

Also good news to all of you who wish to try their dim sum!
Restaurant Oriental Maju Palace
is giving
30% off on Dim Sum
 on weekends and public holidays!!

  1. They have a large variety of dim sum for you to choose from which some you cannot find it in a normal Dim Sum Restaurant like Jin Xuan.
  2. The staff were really friendly and service is fast.
  3. They have 30% off on weekends  and public holidays
  1. Location of the restaurant, its quite hidden.
  2. If you come on weekdays, it can be a little pricey.
  3. No free parking. 


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