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Thursday, 10 January 2013

My Burger Lab@ Seapark, Petaling Jaya

At last!! I have visited Burger Lab!! 
Ever since Burger Lab was open, the big hype for burger was everywhere on facebook.
Suddenly my timeline on fb would be full with their news where my foodie friends would post up pictures and comment that they have the best burger or Burger Lab is always so crowded and their Burger can be sold out in just 2 hours! 

 I been bugging boyfie bring me there since last September 2012 and finally he decided to bring me there ! Weee!!    ^^

I know its a little late but better late than never! HEHE!

Burger lab is situated in Sea Park which is not very far from the famous Nasi Lemak Maybank ^^
We reach there around 6pm and it was already packed with people.
 Look at the place

Everyone who just walk in at that time have to wait for tables .
So boyfie asked me to line up while he will look for a table that is almost done so that by the time we finish ordering, we do not have to look for seats with food in our hands.

Snap snap while I was lining up >.<

See the order here sign in the picture? Thats where you order your burger. IKR wtf am I thinking when I'm writing this. LOL

The Menu @ My Burger Lab

Just like all the other fast food outlets, all menus are on the board ^^
Every burger's ingredient has a unique combination even the name of the burger is different too.
How creative.
I was laughing with boyfie at one of the burger name.
Can you guess which one?
It was "Vivien's Husband"
Try saying "I want to eat Vivien's Husband"
 just replace Vivien with some other name.
 It sound so wrong!

At My Burger Lab, they accept Cash only ~
No Credit Cards !
So after reading this, you will know!
Bring at least Rm50.

Lining up to make an order took me 10 minutes to reach to the cashier.
If its your first time, 10 minutes will flies real quick as your eyes will be on the menu and you will spend time thinking which burger to order.

This is how their kitchen looks like!

The staffs at My Burgerlab are really dedicated to their work. 
While waiting for the burger to be ready, you can just see them working straight non-stop as the crowd keeps coming in.

Check out the black board on top right in the picture.
Motivational quote for the staff . I just notice this when I was looking at this picture.

At My Burger Lab, they also have a updated ordering system like any other bubble tea store like Chatime.

Order -> Pay -> Wait for your number to be called -> Pick up your food

                                    (Picture taken half way while waiting for our number)
Our number was 158.
Finally the number on the screen changed to 158, if you missed your number, the friendly African guy would call out your name.

The waiting time for our food took around 15-20 minutes.

We ordered Beautiful Mess with Add On Set (Drink + Fries)
Drinks are refillable ^^
Chicken Egg Dilemma with Add On Hash Brown on the side.

Boyfie's Chicken Egg Dilemma

 Beautiful Mess Version 4.0
O.O versions for burger like Androids.

(RM18 [Burger]+ RM6 [SET] = RM24)

Taking a look closer look at my Beautiful Mess

Beautiful Mess, It was a Beef Burger with Fried Portabella (mushrooms), Sunny side up (egg) and
Swiss Cheese.
The first thing that pop up into my mind was whether I could fit this huge thing into my mouth.
I had to open my jaws extra big to take the bite and it was Woorthhhh it.
The wonderful part was, when the yolk burst, it flowed out and when you bite it and eat it together with the fried portobello and the juice from the patty, needless to say it was Gooooood.
Love the combination of crunchiness and wetness!
Also I totally like the "Charcoal" Bun. The bun did not turn out soaky or too soft like some white buns that I eat at Mcdonalds. It was a little toasted and crispy on the skin just how i like it.

Just like its name, I did have a mess while eating the burger, my hand and mouth was full with oil and sauce >.<

Sadly, I could not eat another burger after eating this Beautiful Mess . 
So for my First visit, I only managed to eat one burger 
I would go there again for sure !
There is still so many burger on the menu left for me to try!

My next burger will be Swisstake and Kick in the face!.

No. 14, Jalan 21/22, Seapark
46300 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia


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