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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

We love Asia Music Festival 2013 @ Sepang International Circuit

Wooo hoo ! We Love Asia 2013!
Was really happy that I got tickets to go there!

All thanks to Manoah Consulting Sdn Bhd!

We Love Asia 2013 was held  for 2 days which is on the 19th January 2013 and 20th January 2013.

Highlights  for
 1st day of We Love Asia,
Yolanda Be Cool, Dj Antoine, Taio Cruz and Ferry Corsten! 

My initial plan was to go for both days! 
As I really like Yolanda Be Cool and Steve Aoki!!
Unfortunately I only managed to go for one day.
Few days before the party, I got a call , requesting me to attend a job interview on Monday morning so I got no choice but to picked to go on Saturday for We Love Asia!
However I did not regret making that decision.
Hehe Scroll down to find out.

We Love Asia Music Festival 2013 was held at Sepang International Circuit.
It is my first time visiting Sepang International Circuit too.
Though the circuit has been there for a long time, I do not have any chance to go there but now I do!

We went early. So as you see in the picture there weren't many people there yet. 

Me and Baby

The first opening act was by Daftastic, a local DJ band.
They were ok but I was more interested with the Main ones and the dance floor was quite empty so boyfie and I walk around to check out the place.

The "Win Prizes Here" caught our attention, so we headed inside and play some simple games
and won ourselves some pretty cool lighters.

Also we were given free sample condoms as well. Hahaha
Just Joking.. they are some memory chip where after the photographer took a photo of us,
they will give this to us and scan it at the machine to get our photos in usb (yes free usb)!
Cool right?

Can you see our photo?
Ok here is the bigger version

Our PHOTO taken by PROS!

We managed to come out of the game area  on time to catch
They are reason that I wanna partied at We Love Asia!!

"We No Speak Americano" and "Change" are my all time favourite!
Also I totally love how they mix some of the 80s songs sound so cool and yet so catchy!
The crowd's mood was really hype for them!

Check out the short video I recorded here


While dancing half way, I met familiar faces~

Michelle & Amber

Dj Antoine was next on the list.
I never heard of him before but after listening to him perform that night, I instantly Like him at that moment.
He is good!!

Not to mention, very friendly too.
Watch him here

After DJ Antoine , we decided to leave the party as we are really tired .
While on the way out, I manage to meet Yolanda Be COOL.
I was totally starstuck!!!
Stood there for like 3 minutes thinking how to ask for a picture taken with them.
 I was so happy when they said yes!


Thats my post for WE LOVE ASIA!!!


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