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Friday, 22 February 2013

Mcdonald's Malaysia Beef & Egg Burger

Just got back home from Mcdonald Kuchai Lama branch.

Boyfie purposely drove me all the way there to try the new Beef & Burger.

I did not plan to review any Mcdonald Burger but I feel that its not worth my money after I tried it and I just have to share it out.

Results: The burger is not as nice how it looks like on the picture .

See the pictures below.

If you compare the picture with the poster as they advertised. There is a huge difference on the amount of vegetable and sauce that they put in and at first I thought the yellow thing in the burger on the poster was cheese but the manager at the Kuchai Lama branch told me it was the egg yolk.

Yes this is how my Beef & Egg burger looks like. I can hardly taste any vegetable except for one piece of Pickle that they gave me.

I did ask the manager why my burger is prepared like this, her response was "ya la, beef & egg memang macam tu la". 
She also added, " Kalau you nak tambah vegetable dan pickle, you perlu tambah duit"

Front view of the egg

Did you see any yolk on the egg? Its mostly egg white.

 Back view of the egg

Well now I finally I understood the meaning of a chinese phrase,"一分钱一分货". 

" You get what you pay for. If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys"

 I was not expecting a 3 star Michelin quality burger from Mcdonald but at least a decent burger which  has proper amount of vegetable on it so that I would not taste the burger with only egg and beef patty which made me feel disgusted after eating that because it tasted so plain and dry.

Don't get me wrong, I dont hate Mcdonalds.
 I still like going to Mcdonalds for their fillet o fish and prosperity burger.

Somehow this beef & egg suck big time for me.


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