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Thursday, 14 February 2013

Paramore Live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 2013

Are you READY for Paramore ??

Yes they are back again to Malaysia this year !! 

I missed their concert in 2010 
not anymore
Cause I will be going for their Concert this year!!!

This time they gonna perform their new singles in this concert  and also the Concert will be LONGER this year compare to their first one!!

I grown up listening to Paramore during my teeny-weeny days! Their music are so awesome.

Why so Awesome?

 #1 Hayley Williams has a beautiful voice!!

Their first song that caught my attention was "CRUSH CRUSH CRUSH"

The thought of me going for their concert gets me so excited!

 So excited that I can't wait to see HAYLEY performing live in front of me!!!!
Totally in love with her voice and her style!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You know, I like her so much that I even styled my hair to look like Hayley  in the music video of "The Only Exception" !!

# 2 They are Original

By original I meant by they are just being themselves. They are not afraid of admitting their mistakes and making a fool out of themselves. Their songs are all written with heartfelt message that touches alot of people's heart and relieves them.

# 3 Their songs makes people happy

 I think most fans would agree to me that their songs can be related to our everyday lives and problems that we are going through! They wrote their song lyrics so beautifully and many fans are grateful to them that after listening to their song are less depressed and feel that they are not alone.

Here are a list of  some of my favourite songs from Paramore!

Also not forgetting their brand new single "NOW"
(which they will be singing during the concert as well)

Now is their first brand new single from their from their upcoming album which is going to release on 9th of April 2013!!

Also also mentioned that the Managing Director Telco Tune Talk Sdn Bhd, Jason Lo said, " This time the concert will be longer than their first concert and the audience will be more satisfied"

It's definitely a must go concert this year!!!

So what are you waiting for !!!

Come join and rock with me!

Get your tickets here :


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