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Monday, 11 March 2013

BlackBerry 10 Maxis launch @ Marini on 57

On the 8th of March 2013, I had the privileged to be invited to the Blackberry 10 Maxis Launch.

It was held at Marini on 57, located on the 57th floor of Menara 3 Petronas in KLCC.

I heard so many good reviews about Marini on 57 for their stunning night view of the KL city and KLCC. Its my first time visiting the Italian restaurant and bar on the 57th floor so this is a good opportunity for me to visit Marini on 57 while enjoying myself for the Blackberry 10 Maxis Launch.

Registration counter

Before entering Marini on 57 , guests are required register themselves at the counter so that they can get their name tag to show they are guest for the event and also guest can submit their name-cards to participate in the lucky draw.

The Lucky draw prize for that night was the new Blackberry z10 so everybody was so eager to put their name cards in hoping to win the new Blackberry Z10!

After registration, guests were guide to the photo wall for a picture session and they also provided the guest a print out photo too to bring back home ! <3

Hehe our Blackberry guest tag!

Marini on 57 was fully booked from 6pm to 11pm exclusively for the Blackberry 10 Maxis Launch.
So only invited guest were allow to walk in to the restaurant that evening.

When I stepped in to Marini on 57, I was amazed that the place was transformed to match with the event. All the windows were fully decorated with "The Blackberry Experience" sticker and I love how they decorated the bar as well.

Comparing to the pictures of Marini on 57 on the internet, the place sure looks different that evening, the event organisers have done a great job decorating the place just for the launch.

Marini on 57 Bar Area

Marini on 57 , Restaurant Area.

Before the event starts, there were a few magicians walking around entertaining guest. 
and thats where we met Chase Lew ,  one of the famous magician in Malaysia.

Chase Lew was really friendly, he came and introduced himself to us and then talk to us for awhile, he was surprised that I knew he was a magician and then he pop the question!
Lol when Chase asked us who would be a volunteer for him to perform his tricks on, I quickly pointed to Michael. 

Fun shot. 

I would not touch much on the phone features in this post as I have already cover them in my previous post , so if you want to know the unique features of the new Blackberry Z10,
 you can read them here.

The main highlight of the event was to announce that Maxis Bhd will be one of the first telecommunications service provider to offer the new Blackberry Z10 in the malaysia market.

You can now buy the new Blackberry Z10 at the price of RM1268 with the BBMore 148 plan on a
24 month contract.

This is one of the plan they offer that night and there are a few plans available suited according to your budget.

Refer to the price below.

Green cocktail to match the Maxis theme. It is delicious btw.

The Emcee for the night, Nazrudin Rahman.

Photo credits to Mc.hoo Productions

Country Director Annamalai Muthu on stage sharing the Blackberry Experience with the guests.

Photo credits to Mc.hoo Productions

Lucky draw time! 
Where everybody is waiting for!
And guess what..
Photo credits to Blackberry Malaysia

My boyfriend, Charlie Chia won the blackberry Z10 during the 2nd lucky draw!
They only gave out two blackberry Z10 that night!
He is so super lucky to get the last lucky draw prize!
Baby if you are reading this, I want the phone!!

They also invited local Malaysian artiste to perform that night.

Photo credits to Mc.hoo Productions

Performances by Amir Jahari. 

The group sang the cover song  Viva la vida by Coldplay and they were pretty good.

Photo credits to Mc.hoo Productions
Forgot the group name. Sorry.

Foodie time!

Photo credits to Mc.hoo Productions

I guess the tiramisu was everybody's favourite for the night!
It was really good!
Photo credits to Mc.hoo Productions

Photo credits to Mc.hoo Productions

Photo credits to Mc.hoo Productions

Free caricature sketch by Oly Lukis 

Its my first caricature and  I thought I have to stay still without changing my expression but actually no. I can just relax, smile and sit there while he draw my face. 
Oly Lukis was really good and fast with his caricature and he can finish his drawings like in 5 minutes.

What do you think? Does the caricature looks like me? 

When the night falls, this is how the bar looks like.

The infamous view that everybody's been talking about.

 I also made some new friends at the event.

Meet our malaysian mobile application developers!

Maznuddin Zainuddin and Dans.

Both of them are really smart and outstanding people! 

Maz manage to win himself a goodie bag for the night too!

 Sneak peak of the goodie bag.

So that's my Blackberry experience at the Blackberry 10 Maxis Launch.
Thank you for reading!


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