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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Nuffnang 6th Birthday Bash

Im back! I had a really busy weekend but I really enjoyed it!

The 2nd of March 2013 is really a longest saturday that I've spent outside my house !
On that day, I have to prepare and celebrate Boyfie's birthday, attend a make up briefing session in the morning and then go for Nuffnang 6th Birthday Bash in the evening.

I think I will update about Boyfie's birthday in the next post.

Nuffnang 6th Birthday Bash was held on the 2nd of March 2013 at LUST, Kuala Lumpur. I was lucky enough to win the invites based on my last blogpost here.

I want to thank Nuffnang for giving me an opportunity to attend their 6th Birthday Bash because its my first Nuffnang event and I meet lots of new blogger friends!

Here are the pictures for the Nuffnang 6th birthday bash!
I feel so excited for the party !

Was greeted by this really nice and cute Digi boy who helped and explained to us about the Deezer mobile app by Digi. Yes "BOY". Man.. I feel so old. 

Then later on, he showed me the game area where I can play this really fun song guessing game based on the album display on this wall. I was really nervous at first because I was not good in remembering names so I jokingly told him, "Hey you, you play me an easy one k?" . In the end, he did. LOL .

And I won myself an UMBRELLA. 

The crowd starts to come in and fill in the space when the time goes by and I could see lots of nuffies at the event!

Then as  I look around, I spotted my favourite blog cartoonist!!

Its Chee Ching! 
Love her work and comics that she post on her blogs!
I even order her calendar too! Hopefully she will do another one for next year~!
Her blog is always so creative, funny and cute! 
Keep up the good work!
Also she is so cute and humble in reality! When I asked her for her picture, she was a little shy and keep nodding when I talk to her  and thats so cuteeeeeee!

Also here is a picture of everybody's favourite Nuffnanger, Timothy Tiah who is also the co-founder of Nuffnang. I think without Timothy and his partner, there would not be nuffnang today and blogging will never be as exciting as it is today.

And then its time for the Birthday Cake!!

How can you celebrate a birthday without a birthday cake right?

A group photo of all the nuffies!

Stickman Post!

So after the cake cutting session, Nuffnang has prepared a lucky draw for us.
There were loads of nice goodies including this one below ! 

I actually wanted this really cool framed t-shirt with all the nuffnangers signature on! 

She is so lucky ! At first they called KYspeaks for the prize however, he did not hear his name called out so they draw out another name from the fish bowl and she got it!

Then after that, I actually did not expect to win anything at all from the lucky draw but all sudden I heard my name being called.
Ya and I got myself a DIGI bag unexpectedly.
(Whats with me and DIGI)

Siew Cheng and Chui Kien. They're both really friendly and nice girls . I think Siew Cheng is around Audrey's Height.

From Left to Right, Kahmon, Chui Kean, Siew Cheng, Stephy, Janice.
Love Stephy's hair! It totally caught my attention and draws me to talk to her .

Kah Mon, a really dear friend of mine who I met during the MFM anniversary and we kept in touch since then. I didn't know she could draw and she is a pretty good cartoonist too!

And at last, a picture of me with the Birthday boy! Muacks!

Thank you for the invitation and once again! 
Congratulations on turning 6th Nuffnang!!!


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