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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Pink Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Did you know that the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Pink is in the Samsung stores already?
After  I heard the news from Samsung Mobile Malaysia, I went straight to the Samsung store at Midvalley Garden malls to check out the phone myself !

It was a love at first sight for me!  I just love the new "Angel Pink", the colour is soft and which gives the phone an elegant feature and so sweet like the cotton candy! It somes with a matching S stylus too!

Why do I love the colour pink?

Don't you just love pink? I know I love pink myself but sadly, I cannot wear pink clothes. Somehow I don't look nice in pink clothings however I've always been a feminine girl so since I cannot wear pink, I would choose pink colour whenever I buy my items.

Let's take a look what I have in my bag shall we?

I have a pink camera, a pink wallet, a pink make up pouch, pink tissue bag, and  my current samsung phone. You know, there is something missing in this picture.
That thing would actually make my collection complete. Can you guess what it is?

Its a Pink Phone! I think this Pink Samsung Galaxy Note II will be an Ideal phone into my collection!! Time to say bye bye to my S2.
Hehe since my birthday is coming up so I think this is a good prezzie for me? hehe Hint Hint.

The Samsung Galaxy Note II will be an ideal phone for my current lifestyle because outlook of the phone represents me which also the same as how ladies choose their own style of clothes. To me,   a phone is a very personal item that I would bring along wherever I go so since I will be facing and using the it everyday, I will choose the design that I like. Besides it is my favourite colour, I also like the fact that  Note II is so useful.

Take for example :

The Easy Clip Feature

You know, I really wish I had this phone during my university days, with the clip on feature, it is so convenient for me to highlight and crop items that I want from the browser to make my own notes and bring it to school. Not only that, taking notes down from the internet like copying down food recipes would be so much easier , I can prepare my notes before I go grocery shopping!

The Enchanced Handwriting Feature

I've always have the habit of taking down notes using handwritten method partly because it is easier for me to remember what I wrote. And now with this feature I can send handwritten messages to my friends and family too! This feature will be very useful for me to fill in forms and save them via pdf file and e-mail them up since most of the formal documents requires a handwritten signature. 

I also think that it would make a great present for girls! So boys out there, if you do not know what gift to get for your girlfriend, get this new Pink Samsung Galaxy Note 2 for your love ones!
Even my mommy likes it. LOL

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