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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Malaysian Invasion Mixed Martial Arts (MIMMA) Grand Finals & ONE FC Superfights @ Stadium Negara Kuala Lumpur

Hey Everyone! How was your weekend? I hope all of you had an exciting weekend just like mine because I was able to catch the Malaysian Invasian Mixed Martial Arts Final (MIMMA) which was held last Saturday at Stadium Negara Kuala Lumpur.

VIP Tickets Courtesy of Tune Talk.

The MIMMA Grand finals was so AWESOME. It was a night filled with excitement, suspense, cheering screams from the spectators and BLOOD! Yes BLOOD! Thats how intense the fight is!

I've always thought that wrestling and the boxing games on televisions were fake and all this changed after I went for MIMMA. I get to witnessed those fightings live myself and they were REAL. 

So real that even I was watching from my seats, I sometime would close my eyes for awhile as I was too scare to watch the players being punched so hard (TOO PAINFUL TO WATCH).  However as I keep watching the game, I find the game became more interesting and I myself would start taking sides of certain players and CHEER for them!! 

Another amazing thing that I really like was how they setup the stage with the cage ring.

As you see above, that is the cage ring I was talking about. It is where the fighters fought their lifes with to win their championship.

Besides that, the cage ring also comes along with this cool large screen with animation effects to display all the fighters profile before each championship starts. Each time a fighter comes out, the emcee would announce the player's name in a fun and cool voice like for example.
"Theeeee Vampireeeeee Slayeeeeeeeeerrrrr"
It really brings up the mood of the audience!

One of my favourite fighting match for the night was the MIMMA Featherweight Championship.
I think most of the audience's jaw was open when watching this game. This particular fighter, Keanu Subba is so Strong. Right after the fight starts, he just knocked his opponent's face and his opponent was knocked out just like that. The fight lasted less than 30 secs. 
It totally shocked the crowd and yet it was amazing because other fight lasted at least for around 20 minutes.
If there is a recorded video, I would watch it again to see how he do it.

Judges announcing that Keanu Subba as the Winner for the Featherweight Championship

Keanu Subba happily holding his Winning Certificate and showing his Belt

MIMMA Finals Results

Flyweight Championship bout: 
Kenny Yap won by judges decision (unanimous) defeating Ngeoh Jian Chong

Middleweight Championship bout: 
Jim Chong Jing Yi won by TKO (in round 3) defeating Hafiz Chandran

Featherweight Championship bout: 
Keanu Subba won by KO (in round 1) defeating Muhd Ikram 

Heavyweight Championship bout: 
Adrian Tham won by TKO (in round 1) defeating Christopher Leow

Welterweight Championship bout: 
Ooi Aik Tong won by TKO (doctor's stoppage in round 3) defeating Chew Chee Chan

Lightweight Championship bout: 
Allen Solomon Chong won by submission (via armbar in round 3) defeating Shammah Chandran 

Bantamweight Championship bout: 
Prabu Somanaidu won by judges decision (unanimous) defeating Muhd Aiman 

The another highlight for the night was the ONE FC Superfights where most of the fighters in this round are veteran fighters.

All photos below are taken from MIMMA Facebook page

ONE FC Superfights Resuts

ONE FC Superfights bout: 
Edward Kelly won by judges decision defeating Tanaphong The Lanna Warrior 

ONE FC Superfights bout: 
Saiful Merican won by judges decision defeating Aditya Deshpande 

ONE FC Superfights bout: 
Ariel Sexton won by TKO (in round 1) defeating Peter Davis

Overall I like the experience of watching fighting as a sports. It is something very new to me and surprising it , I find it very entertaining as you can feel the excitement and observe the movements of the fighters to guess the winner.  HAHA and also I do enjoy looking at all the Sexy Macho body!

Look at those ABS. OMG. I just wanna Touch Them
Besides that, I admire all the fighters who took up the courage to join in this MIMMA championship as they fight among the stronger players even though they know the risk that they might get injured.

Lastly I would like to give a BIG THANK YOU to TUNE TALK for organizing MIMMA for all the martial arts fighters in Malaysia and Congratulate for a Successful event! 

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