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Thursday, 13 June 2013

Millennium Resort Patong Phuket - Lakeside

Millennium Resort Patong Phuket Review

Hello!! So happen this is my first travel post. WAHAHA so many FIRST!

I am back from my Phuket Trip! It was my first time visiting Phuket ! The trip turned out to be really Awesome!

All thanks to Bangsarbabe Blog Giveaway 2012 for the free 3D2N stay at the luxurious Millennium Resort Patong Phuket.

Read all about it here

We did save tons of $$$ for the trip as our hotel stay is FREE however we did extend another night for our holiday stay with our own pocket money and it was really Worth It!!

I thought of having my vacation in Bali however plans changed ever since I won the Giveaway. I never had any plans to fly to Phuket if it weren't for the Giveaway.

As you know or might not know (like me), if you google up "Phuket" there are many beaches in Phuket, such as  Kamala, Patong, Kata, Karon and many more.

Since this is our first time in Phuket, we (Boyfie and me) were very lucky that we were given 3D2N at Millennium Resort, a 5 star luxury hotel in Patong Beach.

Apparently, Patong is one of the most famous beach resort location in Phuket as it is surrounded by a wide variety of activities, restaurants and nightlife.

Location Location

Not only that, our hotel is a 5 star rated, it is located in a famous beach location and best of all it is also situated right next to Jung Ceylon Shopping Complex which is facing diagonally opposite Bangla Road (street of nightlife) and the beach is based at the end of Bangla road in 10 minutes.

That's how lucky we are! I mean if given a choice, we would not know where to go or choose to stay. It is definitely a good location for first timers like us who wants to explore Phuket for the first time in a short period to stay here.

Lakeside and Beachside

Millennium Resort Patong Phuket is divided into two parts. One on the lakeside and another on the beach side. We chose to stay at Lakeside because they have a nicer and bigger swimming pool. Do take note that both side, the room rates are the same.

The Beachside is much more nearer to the entrance of Jung Ceylon mall which makes the walking distance is nearer to Bangla road however that is not a problem as Millennium Resort do provides a shuttle service for in house guest from Lakeside to Beachside whenever they want to have a ride.

Shuttle service
The famous 3 wheel vehicle that James Bond uses to ride to escape from the bad guys.

The hotel lobby

We managed to check in early at 10.30 am as their usual check in time is at 2.00 pm.

I do advice to bring a copy of a printed booking that you made online just in case the staff could not find any record of your bookings because from what I read from, this has happen before and yes our booking was not found on that day, luckily boyfie knows the top management of the hotel which solved the problem quite quickly for us.

Free Wifi Service 
Available at the Pool and Lobby.

Our welcome drink was served at a rush.

Our Room

Our Deluxe Room is located on the 6th floor (Highest floor) at the Lake Side Building.

The room comes with a comfortable queen size bed with 4 fluffy pillows that is so nice for us to rest on and hug with. Even by just laying down on the bed, I can fall to sleep within minutes which is a good thing as a good bed can give me a good rest to replenish my energy for the whole trip.
Quite spacious which is what I like haha!! That's what you get when you pay for 5 star hotel.

Oh yes*
Millennium Resort Patong Phuket also provides a international plug adapter for the guests to use in their room which we do not find it quite often in other hotels.
Boyfie and I was about to shop for one when we reach there, however since the hotel has it, we save the hassle on getting one! hehe
(Forgot to take a picture of the international plug adapter)

Our Personal Favourite - The Swimming Pool.

The best part of staying at Millennium Resort Patong Phuket is dipping in this gorgeous swimming pool. I feel that it is the prettiest swimming pool in patong beach. So if you think the beach is too crowded or too faraway, you can option to enjoy your sunbathing here and enjoy the pool facilities.
Pool facilities include a shower room, toilet, towel renting, a bar and beach benches. At patong beach, if you wanna sit on these pretty colourful beach chairs, you have to pay at least 100baht per chair.

After visiting the swimming pool, we only get to know that they have rooms that has direct access to the pool.  If we knew there is such rooms, I would have asked boyfie to get this room. The next time we are visiting phuket, I will get these cabana rooms.

So far, we really enjoyed our stay at Millennium Resort Patong Phuket !

The hotel is situated in the Central of Patong Beach which we could access to all the good places within walking distances and also the staff working at Millennium Resort Patong Phuket were really helpful and friendly as you can just call them up to arrange for a taxi for you and they will even negotiate for a good taxi price for the guests.

That is all for my post on the Millennium Resort Patong Phuket.
Hope you all enjoy reading it. '

My next post will be on coming up next week which is based on Day 1 at Phuket!

Stay Tune!


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