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Saturday, 14 September 2013

BCL Kawaii Makeup Workshop organized by BCL Malaysia.

Do you love Japanese makeup? I know I do. Being a fan of Japanese & Korean makeup, I just found out that there is a Japanese Makeup brand called BCL just brought into Malaysia recently.

I've always been fascinated by Japanese products and food and wanting to visit Japan T.T

BCL in short stands for Beauty Creative Lab. BCL cosmetics is not a stranger in Japan and it has been popularly feature in many Japanese magazine such as ViVi and etc!

BCL cosmetics is suitable for fashionable young, working adults who wants to look pretty! I think that is what most young adult ladies want but how often do we know whether the money we spent on the cosmestic we buy really worth the value?

Hehe.. this is one of the reason why I took the opportunity to participate in the BCL Kawaii Makeup Workshop for bloggers to findout for myself!

I love all the makeup mania girls!

As shown as the picture above, there are total 4 looks. These 4 looks are name after the 4 major cities in Tokyo, Japan.
  1. Shibuya Girl (Cool & Confident) 
  2. Harujuku Girl (Pop & Sweet)
  3. Akihabara Girl (Dolly & Natural)
  4. Yokohama Girl (Fairy &Natural)
The theme for this particular workshop, I attended was Harujuku Girl look.

The workshop was conducted by a Makeup Artist who flew all the way from Japan, Mr.Tanabe!
Mr. Tanabe previously has worked with Shiseido and often does makeup for many Japanese magazine models. Well you might ask, since the makeup artist is a Japanese, how are we able to understand?

Mr.Tanabe and his Japanese Model.

Do not worry, in the workshop, the BCL organizers has prepared a Japanese-English translator for us,who is Ms. Yuko. I really like the workshop as everybody at the workshop was really friendly and helpful. Mr.Tanabe and Ms.Yuko is always alert and ready to answer any questions along the way together with a demo if any candidates want to know more.

Michelle Chow and Ms.Yuko (Japanese Translator)

Besides that, the BCL Kawaii Makeup workshop conducted by Mr.Tanabe was a step by step tutorial so it is very easy to understand. If you have any difficulties in putting, you can always request Mr.Tanabe to apply the makeup on your face to have a better understanding during the workshop.The workshop was truly helpful and I really enjoyed myself!

Tips and tricks to get the Harajuku Girl Look (Pop and Sweet):

(These are the makeup products prepared for us today)

We started off by putting the face powder on our faces first. According to Mr.Tanabe, by putting on the powder on our faces can help us to have a easier and better application for the eye makeup later.
Love it as it has a sweet peachy fragrant!

Brand: Clearlast Face Powder (Mat colour and Shiny)
Two types of powder:  Mat Ocher (Pink) and Shiro Hada (Black)  featuring Peach John

Powder : To apply, simply just pat the powder puff on to the powder base lightly and then start patting on to our faces gently and rub it in a circular motion.

Next, we move on to drawing our eyebrows.
As for the Eyebrow, Mr Tanabe taught us a simple method. I've always find that drawing eyebrows on myself is the toughest of all makeup. Partly because I have uneven eyebrow hair. However after using the BROWLASH EX W EYEBROW PENCIL & LIQUID and following Mr.Tanabe instruction (picture above). I can draw my eyebrows beautifully with ease.

(2 in 1)
Half make up done. 

Eyebrow: (Pencil)  Start by drawing from the center (arch) and then move it to the back and then start from the center of the eyebrow again to draw to the front. After we have finish drawing our brows with the pencil, fill in the gaps on our eyebrow with BROWLASH (liquid) to make our eyebrow look more define and natural.

Makemania Data Gradation Tip Shadow
(Bronze brown / Light Brown)

Makemania Data Gradation Tip Shadow Swatches
(Bronze brown / Light Brown)
Moving on, we have the Eyeshadow.

BCL eyeshadow is designed in a unique way which it is in a pen form instead of pallete form.
This cool design features a a eyeshadow sponge pen and the eyeshadow is in the pen cap itself.
Now you do not have to bring brushes or big compact palettes in our handbags anymore. I do not even have to worry about dropping them on the floor too (will not crack).

Next we have the Eyeliner.

Makemania Data Pencil Gel Eyeliner
Remember we used to have gel eyeliner in a small container that comes with a brushes, well you might want to try these Makemania Data Pencil Gel Eyeliner and I am pretty sure you will say goodbye to those traditional ones as these are super nice to use! They are super convenient because you do not have to clean or bring a brush for a gel liner anymore and not to worry about dried up gel liners!

Finish Make up look.
Also not to forget
The best selling liquid eyeliner of all time.
available in Deep Black and Deep Brown.

Perfect liquid liner for drawing a wing on your eyelid~!

The best thing about BCL brand eyeliner is that all of them are 24hours waterproof!

Last step: The MASCARA

I was pretty surprised when Mr.Tanabe announced that we are going to use 3 Mascara during this tutorial. Yes all 3 of them and he also mentioned that it is very common that Japanese girls would use more than 1 mascara for each makeup look as in Japan most of the mascara sold has different functions just like the ones in the picture.

How to use?
Apply the Dark Pink to get volume and then the light pink to curl the lashes and lastly end it with the red mascara to have a longer lashes and separates them.
  1. Dark Pink: Browlash Ex Volume Lash Fiber (200% Volume)
  2. Light Pink: Browlash Ex Lash Curler Express (Curl type)
  3. Red: Browlash Ex Lash Sclupture (130% Long)


Before applying the mascara.

After (See the eyelashes) 

Actually BCL also has organized a workshop for non-bloggers where you need pay RM30 to attend and the RM30 is return back to you where you can use it to buy BCL products! During the workshop, they even provided free food and drinks for the attendees! Plus a goodie bag with full size products to bring home. OMG! If I knew about this, I could have attended that!

Overall, it was a really fun experience. If I got a chance to go again, I would definitely attend again.
After this session, I was really convinced and turn myself into a BCL fan !

So if any of you wishes to buy or attend future event like this, you may follow :

BCL Malaysia Facebook Fanpage:
BCL Japan official website:

Makeup Movie by Stylinglife holding inc:

BCL makeup is available for purchase at Sasa outlets.

Thank you for reading!!


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