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Friday, 25 October 2013

Summer Fun @ Kiss Me Sunway Lagoon Party

Last Saturday, it was a really fun day for me. I have the opportunity to participate in the Kiss Me Sunway Lagoon Event. 

Invitation thanks to Manoah Consulting Sdn Bhd
Thank you Kiss Me for organizing such a fun event.

I think this is the one of the first make up "amazing race challenge" organized in Malaysia for girls!

As for this event, I brought along two of my beautiful colleague, Maylee to be my plus one and Ann (see her in another picture) .
We pretty much kept talking and guessing what are the challenges gonna be on that day.

Maylee and me. 

We were told to come to venue in "bare faces", without make up as there will be kiss me products prepared for us to used before the challenge starts! As you can see without my eye makeup, my eyes do look sleepy and small.

After registration, we were ushered to a private area where all the girls gathered to put their make up on.

The main highlight of the products, were the Kiss Me waterproof collection.

Heavy Rotation Gel Eyeliner, Heroine Make Waterproof mascara, Heroine make liquid eyeliner.

Make up done <3

Looking all gorgeous and ready to go!

Can you see the magic of Kiss Me make up does to our eyes?
Big difference right?

Moving on, before the challenge start, we were given a short briefing on the agenda of the event.

As you can see in the picture, there were lots of girls who were kiss me fans like us to participate in this challenge.

All the girls were divided into groups of 4, luckily we have Janice Yeap and Siew Cheng in our group that day. So happen, while we were waiting for the games to be started, the moderators announced that those who are in the first in the row, will be the team leader. 

And thats how I got my title for the day, leader for team mermaid.

Our first task.

Our first task was to jump into the pool to get the bottle of Kiss Me sunkiller sunblock. As a team leader, I have to fight for my team for the 10 bonus point, which I fail miserably. LOL 
There were so many strong swimmers, those girls were quick and fast.

 Let the Games Begin!!

The challenge we had on that day was pretty similar to Amazing race just that we got all the clues at once and were given 1 hour and 45 minutes to finish much task as we can.
It was pretty tough as on that day of the event, UEM Land was having their family day at Sunway Lagoon Party. So can you imagine the crowd that we have to run and squeeze through for each pit stop? 
It did slows down the process.

For this task, we're ask to put our hands in this box full with creepy insects to find the pieces of scrabbles out!

You can see that everybody's faces were so scare. Lol

Forming the scrabbles - "WILDLIFE"

We're ALIVE!

Oh my make up is still there!

After our challenge! 
Kiss Me has prepare us girls a pampering session for the torture they put us through ! LOL!

Congratulations to the first team! 
They were pretty awesome as they manage to finish 7 task within the time given and we only manage to finish 5 !

Once again, Thank you so much KISS ME MALAYSIA and MANOAH CONSULTING SDN BHD
organizing such a FUN event!!
I hope there will be more to come!

Btw, Kiss me waterproof make up is awesome, as after experience all the water activities we been through, the make up still looks perfectly fine!


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