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Saturday, 9 November 2013

Hennessy Artistry 2013 @ MIECC


I attended the super clubbing event which is the H-Artistry 2013, on 2nd of November 2013 at MIECC.  Hennessy Artistry parties are always highly anticpated by party goers every year and this is my first time attending one. 

Travelling to the parking area at the Mines is horrible!!
So if you were to attend the next H-artistry at MIECC my advice is be sure to be there early if not you will end up lining up and looking for parking space for 2 hours. 

The best way is to take a taxi there as the organisers can help you to arrange taxis for you to go home.
Besides the horrid parking issue, I manage to still had fun enjoying the entertainment and drinks and especially with our blogger friends!

Outfit of the day.

The convention centre that night was turned into a total Hennessy party zone, everywhere is beautifully decorated in red and white. 
Gotta take the big HENNESSY sign here! 
Shows that you were at the party yo!

While waiting for some friends to go in together to the zone, managed to bump into the beautiful
Julie Woon!

Love her dress!


The registration area!
For Hennessy artistry, the main arena (party area) is divided into different zones. All the bloggers and media were under zone V,S,O. My passes were under zone O which situated on the left hand side of the stage.

The Art of Mixing Zone

As we walked in, we arrive at the Hennessy Art of Mixing zone, where guests may enjoy the Hennessy V.S.O.P signature long drinks : Hennessy Apple, Hennessy Berry, Hennessy Ginger and Hennessy Soda while waiting for the main arena to be ready.

The Hennessy Art of mixing zone has also prepared a few stations for the guests to learn how to mix their own Hennessy Signature Long drinks with the four mixer above.
My personal favourite is the berry and apple flavour.

Moving along, there is a photo booth available in the Hennessy Art of Mixing zone for guests to take their photos with the Hennessy Bottle!
Just pose]and "Show me Your Hennessy Moment"


Main Arena

At around 10pm, the main arena is open for guest to walk in to settle their places at their designated zone.

In each zone, there is a bar available for party goers to have their free flow of Hennessy signature drinks all night long till 11pm.

The Entertainment 

NS Yoon-G

The first performance by Korea’s rising star NS Yoon-G, who has performed with the likes of Jay Park.
She is so pretty in person!
Was able to hear her live singing "Reason to be a witch"

Neon Hitch

Neon Hitch was awesome that night! 
Everybody was so excited to hear her singing "Ass back Home"

 And of course, when you come to events, pictures with friends is a must!

With Cindy Tong, me and Vivian!

Suting khoo and Sabrina.

Cindy Tong and Chouylin Tan
Cindy is really good with putting make up!

Yeeing ng 

Ashley Ngu, Josarine and Janice Yeap

Donovan chan from Manoah Consulting Sdn Bhd.
Thank you so much for the invites!

Bendan - aka Kahmon 
Getting prettier each time I see her.

Boyfie and I partied for awhile and decide to leave early as we need wake up early the next morning.

H-Artistry – The Global Art of Mixing strongly advocates responsible drinking and works towards ensuring the safety of each and every guest at the event. 

While on our way out , we saw the Taxi Concierge booth, where party goers to return home and we were given each a bottle of mineral water for everyone to recharge and reduce the alcohol effect to drive safe before going home.

We really enjoyed ourselves that night and hope to see you all at the next party!


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