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Monday, 3 March 2014


Holla Party People!

FUTURE MUSIC FESTIVAL ASIA is just around the corner!

I am PRETTY sure any electronic music fans  out there
 has heard of Future Music Festival Asia (FMFA). 

if not, this is not a festival to miss!

FMFA is one of the most anticipated music festivals for all electonic music / music festivals fans to party all 3 days!


This year FMFA 2014 has comeback to music fans with
 over 70 international and local artistes !

Not to mention, this year's festival, Asahi Super Dry is the Official Beer and Presenter of Haunted House Area for this Southeast Asia's Largest Music Festival.

Meanwhile, counting the days down to FMFA 2014, Asahi Super Dry will be rewarding Asahi fans all around Malaysia for their supreme support by giving them a chance to win VIP and FMFA passes both through its line up of pre-parties and in-outlet contests.

So happen I attended the pre-party which was held at Prodigy KL last friday.

Prodigy KL (Used to be known as Butter Factory) 

 Elvina Chua , Michelle Chow, Joanna 

 Edazz and Li Chuen

Me, Joanna, Yukiko, Elvina 

 A good way to end my working week
and a great party pumper to get my mood ready for FMFA 2014.
That night of the party we had awesome mish-mash music genres featuring DJ's Ramsey Westwood, Mr Nasty & Guru Guru and Monkey & Funkzu.

Invites to the pre-party all thanks to Manoah and Asahi Malaysia for the free flow of Asahi!

Brought Olivia and Ian along that night with me. 
Joanna was really kind to offer her plus one invite to my friends. thanks babe <3

Olivia and Ian

It's been such a long time since I met kah mon and especially julie babe! Miss having julie around cause she is so cute and super fun to hangout with.

Kah Mon, Julie Tan , Janice Yeap

Here we have don, from manoah consulting. without him, I guess i would not have started blogging and be here today. 
thank you for everything!

Donovan Chan

Does olivia look familiar to you?
Hehe.. Remember the kiss me post  here
Oliee is one of my closest friends and its really been a long time since we last met. 
Everybody's been busy with work especially people around our age group.

Olivia and yours truly.

Siew cheng brought a little friend that night and she is so so
Thanks for introducting Melody to us! 

This is Ian! He's really cool and.. yes i know you (IAN) are reading this so

ahem.. I save the description for later.

btw.. thank you so much for taking care of oliee and me that night
We really enjoy having you around and thanks for the ride home! 

Group picture with the girls!

Definitely will not left out joanna! 
My Super Hot Babe who knows how to salsa!

 And that night..

My friends and I just can't get enough of Asahi =)

Miss the first pre-party?

Don’t worry, join us for the next upcoming pre-party !
The second pre party will be held on  2 locations.

Thursday, 6 March

  at Play club, The Roof ,

We will have  DJ’s Nikki and Partners.In.Crime.

while over

at IDarts, DJ Eva T gets the dance floor going with her infectious tunes.


For more information:


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