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Saturday, 15 March 2014

Weekend Chillout - Stratosphere @ The Roof

Sometimes thinking of a location to go can be a pain in the ass when it comes to choosing a place to chill with friends. Especially when there are so much catching up to do with the recent rage going on with #MH370 , haze and the water disruption, we needed a place where we could chill along without any noise and early closing hours and overly crowded with people. Which it reminds me of my last visit at The Roof here, we had really good times when we last visit there.

Stratosphere at The Roof

With the hype about helipad bars lately, Stratosphere is one of the comtemporarily grassed helipad bars in Asia . People could just sit back and relax, and enjoy the magnificent view of Klang Valley.
You may enter to stratosphere with a cover charge of RM50 which include a drink.

Despite the haze, we still manage to grasp a good view of bandar utama and kota damansara =)

Say hello to my girls!

Bumped into them on the way up! Also Sandy and I were wearing matching / similar style outfits =p

Great minds thinks alike, don't you agree Sandy ;D

Me, Sandy and Joanna.

Comfy seatings and vast area to chill.

Our cool led tables =)

Lotsa catching up and fun going on.

Ashley, it's been so long ! Hope you're doing well!

Since we're here, it would be such a waste for not taking a group photo to remember this occasion!

Ashley Ngu, Elyn, Michelle Chow, Sandy, Joanna

A full group photo!

Eileen, Samuel, Jaz Khai, Yukiko, Isaac, Ashley, Elyn, Sandy, Joanna and Michelle Chow

We really like the experience of having our chill out session at Stratosphere. It's a different atmosphere and definitely a nice hang out place for casual or special occasion .Nothing feels better to enjoy your drinks with a magnificent 360 view. Addition to that , Stratosphere has beautiful neon lights and music around you which sets up your mood for the night.

After our chillout session, we headed down to Score at The Roof to grab some bites and continue our non-stop chit chatting get-together.

 Score , The Roof

Score is a sports bar where they feature major sporting events and live telecasts and serves a large range of beers and delectable finger foods for patrons! 

Check out their March Promo here!

Candid shots!

While waiting for the food to come, we decided to do what we do best.
Taking pictures!

 Me and Ian.


Oh I can tell you that the nachos is so good! They are not stingy with the cheese and chili con carne. While writing this, I'm already starting to miss this! Anyone wanna have this with me?

 Our last group photo before we leave!

Picture taken by Jaz Khai.

Finally a photo with Jaz Khai, a really talented photographer!

That's all for the weekend folks!

For more information on The Roof,
Visit their Facebook page :


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