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Monday, 16 June 2014

Tiger Translate Malaysia 2014 @ Kenanga Wholesale City

What an epic night out. Tiger Translate has done it yet again, fusing art and music on a single platform. Since it's inception in 2005,  Tiger Translate has been trailblazing the cities of London, New York and Dubai. This year, we have the priviledge of having it in our own backyard. 

A quick snapshot of the lineup for the evening:

Feasting my ears on the sounds of the Brit Awards nominated dark indie rock group 
The Editors from the UK, the passionate and energetic Chochukmo from Hong Kong, Manic Sheep from Taiwan, and our very own local talents OJ Law, Indiego & Co., and Mad August.

That's only half of the show, as Lynda Chean the Tatooist, Kenji Chai the Graffiti Artist and Kickatomic the Graphic Designers – combined to give us a visual performance like no other.

Going for events like this, I’m usually early to avoid crazy KL traffic and jam-packed crowds. Arriving at around just after 5pm was just perfect. Traffic was a breeze, and parking space aplenty.

After getting ourselves registered at the special counter designated for members of the Media, we proceeded to get our RFID tags (loaded with the total value of rm75) that would entitle us to “special” privileges: 4 bottles of Tiger (priced at rm15 each), and either nachos, burger (both priced at rm15) or anything else that tickles my fancy on the menu. A bottle of water would be a third of that (rm5). All this is possible thanks to Manoah Consulting.

Upon entry, we immediately spotted some pretty exciting stuff going on. There were tattoo stations set up where varying Tiger sticker-like tattoos were available for anyone who was up for some fun. I certainly was up for it! In fact I wanted to get 2 of them.

Oh, did I mention that there were 2 giant trampolins for us? With the "Translate" emblem in bright neon blue right behind it. 

Just as I was done with tattoo-ing, Indiego & Co took to the stage, and boy did they rock it.

Next up was Mad August, rendering their signature brand of modern and emo rock. Their talent and experience most definitely shone through. I thoroughly enjoyed their performance.

What are events like this without the usual catching up with old-time friends? Bumped into quite a few of them, Cindy being one of them. It was really good catching up with her. 

The other friend that I ran into was Debra. It was certainly fun catching up with her. It’s been a really long time since we last had as good a chat as this.

Tiger Radler never tasted better. I certainly didn’t expect it to taste that good. It tasted a little shandy-like. Enjoying my Nachos at the same time, it doesn’t get better than this. All this while enjoying the live feast of art and music.

Manic Sheep was next up on stage. The Taiwanese band was super good. The vocalist cum bassist really caught my attention with her magnetic sultry vocals.

If only I could have stayed on for Chochukmo, OJ Law and The Editors. Alas, my schedule for the evening didn’t permit as I had another engagement to rush off to. 

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